Starting to feel optimistic… Hopeful again….. #newness

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20.8.14 at 20:20

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You ever feel like something is telling you to stand up and become more? Yea.. Realizing that im surrounded by good energy, no matter the obstacles!!

Today…. Was one of the best days I have had in a while… Meeting one of my dearest friends for dinner, going to my favorite dance club and just releasing a lot of stress, but to think it all started with a very special moment…

Something inside of me wants to yell from the bottom of my lungs!!!!!! I think I should check out for the evening…

Feeling some type of frustrated…..

Just last a few days ago I was complimenting DMV traffic ever since the silver line metro opened…… And now we were back to bumper to bumper 3mph traffic

13.8.14 at 8:30

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Dog with a heart of gold

animals get it

My heart

12.8.14 at 4:29

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Never ever will I forget this day. I love you and miss you more than I can even express. I hope your making heaven a more beautiful place. Love you mom.